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Noble Row; April 2010
By Ryan Kittleman

ART: Amy Guidry
Where surrealism meets photo-realism.

It's no secret that the art world is full of fleeting capriciousness and a predilection towards the post-post-post expressions of classic form. With so many artists populating my hometown (New York) and my adopted hometown (San Francisco), it's easy in this myopic milieu to forget that self-expression (and bold, daring concepts) are not limited to the cultural outposts of either coast.

That's why it was so refreshing to come across the artwork of Amy Guidry, a Southern belle currently residing in Louisiana. Her combination of surrealism and photo-realist portraiture helped strengthen my belief that exciting new art comes from big ideas with heart, soul, and introspection, executed with precision and impeccable craft, rather than simply trying to be modern for modern's sake.

The result in Guidry's case is stunning work of tremendous depth, sublime imagination, tranquil visions, and an attention to detail that is second to none. It should be no surprise that Guidry's work is garnering serious attention in the art world, and rightfully so- Guidry is definitely one to watch. Enjoy…