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Birdy Magazine, June 2020

"Birdy Magazine, Issue 78, June 2020: p. 20-21"

Amy's painting "Untitled (Heads)" is featured in the latest issue of Birdy Magazine.

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Wow by Wow Online Gallery and Art Resource

"Modern Eden Gallery New Growth Exhibition." Beautiful Bizarre, April 1, 2020

Amy's painting "Illumination" is one of the featured paintings from the New Growth exhibition at Modern Eden Gallery.

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Pinch Journal

The Pinch, Volume 39, Number 2, Fall 2019: 33-34

Amy's paintings are featured in the current issue of The Pinch journal.

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MOTIF Magazine

North American Review, Summer 2019, Volume 304, Number 3

Amy's painting "Heads II" is featured in the latest issue of the North American Review, the oldest literary magazine in the US.

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MOTIF Magazine

MOTIF Magazine, Volume 2, 2019

Amy's painting "Adaptation" was included in the recent issue of MOTIF Magazine.

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The Tulane Review Omnibus 2017-2018

The Tulane Review, Omnibus 2017-2018, November 2018, p. 48

Amy's painting "On the Rise" is featured in the current issue of Tulane University's literary arts journal The Tulane Review.

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Vie Magazine

Boyles, Sallie. "The Nature Within: Amy Guidry Gets Surreal." Vie Magazine, August 2018, p. 108-113

Amy was interviewed by Sallie Boyles for the Animal Issue of Vie Magazine.

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Vie Magazine

"Introspections," Vie Magazine, May 2018, p. 125

"Amy's painting "Interconnect" is featured in Vie Magazine as part of a teaser article to a more in-depth interview for their upcoming August issue."

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Five:2:One Magazine

Five:2:One, Issue 19, Spring 2018, Cover

Amy's painting "Conscience" was selected for the cover of Five:2:One Magazine

Good Mourning Tis of Thee

"Good Mourning Tis of Thee," Co-Lab Projects, Austin, Exhibition Catalogue, November 2017, p. 79, 81, 85, 145

Curated by Alyssa Taylor Wendt and Sean Gaulager

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Good Mourning Tis of Thee

Blue Earth Review, Issue 19, Fall 2017, p. 59-64 and Cover

Amy's painting "Arise" is featured on the cover of Blue Earth Review. Several of her paintings are also featured inside the issue.

Wow by Wow Online Gallery and Art Resource

Maclean, Tim. "Amy Guidry- What the Future May Hold- Artist Interview." Wow x Wow, September 5, 2017

"Whether approaching us with subliminal suggestions or hitting us hard with her intentions, Guidry’s imagery never fails to leave lasting impressions which engage us both emotionally and on a deeply cerebral level. Mixing photorealism with the surrealistic language of dreams, Guidry’s highly effective and immensely personal symbolism is conveyed with sophistication, which elevates its potency and sensitivity."

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Hi-Fructose Quarterly Print Art Magazine

"Amy Guidry's Surreal Paintings Touch on Life, Death, and Nature" Andy Smith, Hi-Fructose Magazine, February 15, 2017

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America Art Collector Magazine

Clawson, Michael. "Amy Guidry: Strange Worlds." American Art Collector Magazine, September 2016: 102-103

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America Art Collector Magazine

Minetta Review, New York University, Fall 2016, Cover

Amy's painting "The Wild West" featured on the cover of the Minetta Review.

Startle Pattern Magazine

Art Galleries & Artists of the South Magazine, Volume 13, Issue 2, May/June 2016

Amy's painting "Integral" was featured as part of a spread about LeMieux Galleries in New Orleans in anticipation of her upcoming exhibit.

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"4 Vegan Lifestyle Leaders : Influential People You Should Know" by Jamie Duncan, Ecosalon, July 11, 2016

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Startle Pattern Magazine

"Startle Pattern" by Larissa Szporluk, Willow Springs Editions, Cover

Amy's painting "Passage" was featured on the cover for the latest collection of poetry by American poet Larissa Szporluk.

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American Art Collector Magazine

"Humanness" by Rochelle Belsito, American Art Collector Magazine, October 2014, p. 146

"Dichotomies of human existence- such as life and death, and our relationship to nature- are among the topics that arise in the artwork of Amy Guidry and Jessica Goldfinch. While strikingly different in imagery and technique, the artists paint recognized subjects to convey these psychological concepts in compassionate, sensitive, and thought-provoking ways."

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Cimarron Review Book

Cimarron Review, Fall 2015, Issue 193, Cover

Amy's paintings "Shelter" and "Expatriate" were featured on the front and back covers of the Cimarron Review.

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008 Magazine

"About the Artist: Surrealist Amy Guidry Depicts Nature and Humanity," Becca Cord, 008 Magazine, August/September 2014

"At first sight of Amy Guidry's masterpieces, there is an immediate sense of a deeper meaning in her work. This undoubtedly stems from Guidry's lifelong practice of using art as a 'means of communication, as well as [her] enjoyment.'"

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Lecture Flyer

“Personal, Provocative, and Political: Magical Realism and the Art of Amy Guidry,” Lecture by Lee Gray, PhD, Curator, Paul and Lulu Hilliard University Art Museum, Oliver Hall Auditorium, April 2014

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The Curist Magazine

Oliveira, Rebecca. "Where Art and Ethics Intersect: A Profile of Vegan Artist Amy Guidry." Literary Veganism: An Online Journal, April 22, 2020


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Bat City Review

Bat City Review, Issue 16, Spring 2020

Several of Amy's paintings are featured in the current issue of Bat City Review

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The Curist Magazine

Trombley, Sian. "Amy Guidry Exclusive." The Curist Magazine, July 2019


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MOTIF Magazine

"Previews: 2nd Annual Delusional Art Competition at Jonathan LeVine Projects.", Arrested Motion blog, August 1, 2018

Amy is a finalist in Jonathan LeVine Project's Delusional Art Competition. Her painting "Integral" is one of the selected works featured in Arrested Motion's exhibit preview.

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The Current Magazine

The Hopper, Summer Issue, July 2018, Cover

Amy's painting "Sustain" was selected to be featured on the cover of environmental literary magazine The Hopper

The Current Magazine

"Sztuka Dla Empatii," Magazyn VEGE, July 2018, p. 80-85

(Translated from Polish): "About the art of Amy Guidry, an artist with a remarkable imagination."

The Current Magazine

The Current, June/July 2017, Cover

Amy's painting "Sustain" is featured on the cover of The Current

VEGAN Magazine

van Meijel, Lobke. “Kunst Met Een Diervriendelijke Missie.” VEGAN Magazine, Spring 2017: 10-12 and Cover

Amy's painting "Exposed" is featured on the cover of the Netherland magazine, VEGAN. Additional works are featured inside as well as an interview.

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Acadiana Advocate News

Gannon, Patricia. “Apocalypse Now: Amy Guidry's Art Speaks of Her Fears for the Planet.” The Advocate, April 10, 2017

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Denver Quarterly

Denver Quarterly, Volume 50, Number 4, Summer 2016, Cover

Amy's painting "Preservation" was selected for the cover of the latest issue of the Denver Quarterly.

The Journal Magazine

The Journal: A Literary Magazine, Summer 2016, Issue 40.3: 46-56 and Cover

Amy's painting "Vital" was featured on the cover of The Journal. Several of her paintings are featured inside the magazine as well as an interview with Suzannah Showler.

Vegan Life Magazine

"Surreal Reality: Life, Death, and Veganism on Canvas" by Maria Chiorando, Vegan Life Magazine, November 2015, p. 102-105

Vegan Life Magazine in the UK recently interviewed Amy about her work for their November 2015 issue.

The Huffington Post Logo

"Death Becomes Us: Why We All Need to See Death and Decay" by Carla Valentine, Huffington Post, March 19, 2015

Amy's painting "Everything's Coming Up Roses" was featured as the title image to an essay by Carla Valentine, Curator of Barts Pathology Museum in London

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Camas Magazine

Camas Magazine, Summer 2015, Cover

Amy's painting "Symbiotic" was featured on the cover of Camas Magazine.

VeggieBunch Logo

"Inspired Art," Laura Cooke, Veggie Bunch, 2014

"Amy Guidry is a vegan painter whose thought-provoking work looks closely at the delicate relationship between all life on this planet and the complexities of the life cycle. She took some time out to speak to us about her art."

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 Art Galleries and Artists of the South Magazine

"Emerging Artists: Amy Guidry," Art Galleries and Artists of the South Magazine, Volume 11, Issue 2, p. 66

Amy was one of the seven artists selected in the Art Galleries and Artists of the South Magazine's Emerging Artist Competition.

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Dothan Eagle Logo

"Zonkey, Buried Wolves Found Among Contemporary Pieces in Dothan Art Exhibit," Peggy Ussery, Dothan Eagle, July 13, 2014

"Of the 47 pieces, there are a number of works that stand out. Amy Guidry's "The Pack" is an acrylic painting on canvas that features five wolves in a desert setting..."

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Mistura Urbana Logo

"Interview: Amy Guidry and Her Contemporary Surrealism," Lila Varo, Mistura Urbana, February 2014

(Translated from Portuguese) "A while ago I met the work of artist Amy Guidry. Surrealism-fan that I am, I couldn't resist the chance to have a little chat with her about their works loaded with psychological approaches."

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Dialogist Logo

Dialogist, Edited by Michael Loruss, Volume I, Issue IV, January 2014

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The Saturated Life Logo

"Interview #9- Amy Guidry," Gabe Wells, The Saturated Life, April 7, 2013

Interview available through iTunes.

Acadiana Profile Magazine

"The Work of Artist Amy Guidry," William Kalec, Acadiana Profile Magazine, October/November 2013

"...quite frankly, Guidry’s work doesn’t blend in seamlessly when hung over a fireplace. It’s different, not for a shock, but for substance."

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Gallery Show Flyer

"'State of the Art' now on display at Studio Montclair," Joan Finn, The Montclair Times, March 31, 2013

"Working in a wide array of media including painting, printmaking, photography, sculpture, video, and sound, these artists engage the senses and challenge the mind," stated exhibition juror Helaine Posner, senior curator of contemporary art at the Neuberger Museum of Art, at Purchase College, State University of New York."

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