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"The Art of Business and the Business of Art," Patricia Gannon, L Magazine, Spring 2013

"Both New Realm and In Our Veins are long narratives of thier own and each pertains to a single idea: strong, independent women challenging traditional myths, and the environmental relationship between human and other."

IPaintMyMind Logo

Amy Guidry, Editor Evan La Ruffa, IPaintMyMind, February 2013

"Regardless of the ethos, which isn't always as obvious as some onlookers hope for, we find Amy's work pushes the boundaries of logic in various valuable directions. Art should provoke, and she certainly does."

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"Spotlight: Surrealist Painter, Amy Guidry," Ruthie Holloway, Beautiful Crime, July 24, 2012

"Balancing on the edge of both photorealism and pop surrealism, American artist, Amy Guidry paints nature with an intricate hand and an inventive mind. Drawing on various influential subject matter as varied as dreams and C.S. Lewis novel characters, Guidry's world of strange, human-like and captivating characters of animals lends the viewer an unusual insight in to her surrealist yet photorealist painted world – check out the skeletal characters contrasted with the intricately painted rock formations as testament."

The Great West Coast Migration

The Great West Coast Migration, Traveling Exhibition, Exhibition Catalogue

Amy's work is included in PangeaSeed's The Great West Coast Migration traveling exhibition to benefit sharks and oceans in Japan and beyond. The exhibit takes place at Roq La Rue Gallery, Seattle, July 13-15; Grass Hut Co., Portland, July 20-22; Spoke Art Gallery, San Francisco, July 27-28; LeBasse Projects, Los Angeles, Aug. 2-4; The Artery, Costa Mesa, Aug. 10-12; and Space 4 Art, San Diego, Aug. 17-19.

POSI+TIVE Magazine

"Interview with Amy Guidry- Between Photorealism and Surreal Composition," Matilde Casaglia, POSI+TIVE Magazine, July 9, 2012

"Her artworks, pending between a realism which is almost photographic and a pure transparent surrealism are present in private and public collections including the Zigler Art Museum, the Alexandria Museum of Art, the Schepis Museum, and the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art."

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Gambit Weekly

"Review: New Works at Barrister's Gallery," D. Eric Bookhardt, Gambit Weekly, May 15, 2012

"...all three artists are increasingly accomplished, and their extraordinary imaginations, deftly transposed to paint on canvas, make this dramatically offbeat show very appealing for anyone with an appreciation for magic realism."

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Line Zero

Line Zero, Edited by Renda Dodge, Volume 2, Issue 2, Winter 2012, p. 85

Amy's painting Symbiotic was selected as a Finalist to be featured in the Winter 2012 issue of Line Zero, a quarterly indie arts and literature publication based out of Seattle.

Juxtapoz Magazine

Juxtapoz magazine, April 2012, p. 131

Featured as the Best of Show winner of the Surreal Salon IV at the Baton Rouge Gallery Center for Contemporary Art

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Surreal Salon 4

Surreal Salon IV, Baton Rouge Gallery- Center for Contemporary Art, Jan. 3-26, 2012

Juror: Casey Weldon

Selected for "Best of Show" award. To be featured in Juxtapoz and Hi-Fructose magazine as the winner of the Surreal Salon IV.

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Country Roads Magazine

Country Roads Magazine, James Fox-Smith, "Myths & Legends" issue, October 2011, Cover

Amy's painting "Introspective" is featured on the cover of the Country Roads Magazine's October issue, Myths & Legends.

Fine Line Magazine

"The Awakening: Amy Guidry," Lesley Frenz, Artsy Forager, December 2012

"Awesome, surrealist paintings by Louisiana artist Amy Guidry. Through her series "In Our Veins", Guidry explores themes of life, death and our relationships to each other and the natural world."

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Artsy Forager

"The Awakening: Amy Guidry," Lesley Frenz, Artsy Forager, December 2012

"In her New Realm series, Louisiana artist Amy Guidry weaves a new kind of story, as surreal as any myth yet grounded in modern strength."

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"Beauty and the Beasts in the New Realm," Reggie Michael Rodrigue, louisianaesthetic, July 22, 2012

"...Despite all these correspondences, Guidry isn't just repeating history, however. There's a new sensibility to these paintings that probably could not have been registered in Tanning's world of the 1940's. Whereas, Tanning painted herself and her heroines in slightly ominous domestic settings, Guidry paints herself in a forest of birch trees floating in a white void. In symbolic terms, Guidry has created a tabula rasa ready for a new investigation into what it means to be a Western woman in the 21st Century."

High Fructose

"'The Great West Coast Migration' PangeaSeed Benefit Art Tour," Nastia Voynovskaya, Hi-Fructose Magazine, July 4, 2012

Amy's work featured on Hi-Fructose online as a participating artist in "The Great West Coast Migration" traveling benefit exhibition.

"The huge group show "The Great West Coast Migration" will make its way down the West Coast stopping at various galleries, and the stellar roster of artists will undoubtedly draw big crowds for this noble cause.".

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Catapult Magazine

Catapult Magazine, Edited by Thena Cartwright, Issue 8, March 2012, p. 26-27

Amy's work is featured in a current spread of Catapult Magazine, Issue 8.

The Times-Picayune

"'Hyperreality' to be exhibited through March 30 at Slidell Cultural Center," Kathleen DesHotel, The Times-Picayune, Sunday, March 18, 2012

"...the most appropriate word to describe the impact of the Lafayette-based artist's work is "intense." An interest in art and psychology surfaces in all of her works. We do not see just a lovely flower or a cute animal or a pretty face; rather, we see commentaries on human condition, including an observance of our ironic behaviors and the contradictions of our habits."

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Cultural Connections

February 2012 Featured Artist, Cultural Connections, Louisiana Cultural Economy Foundation, Feb. 2012

Amy was selected as the Cultural Connections featured artist in February 2012.  Her painting "Untitled (Heads)" is the featured image of the February issue.

Professional Artist Magazine

"Communicating Social Messages through Art, Partnership and Publicity," Renee Phillips, Professional Artist Magazine, December/January 2012, p. 22-23

"...Amy's website serves as an integral component to communicating the significance of her art. Her growing exhibition career has led to more opportunities to discuss her messages with the public."

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