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Artist, Amy Guidry

Amy Guidry (b. 1976, Jacksonville, N.C.) is an American artist residing in Lafayette, Louisiana. She grew up in Slidell, Louisiana, a suburb of New Orleans. Guidry comes from a family of artists including the late painter Eleanor Norcross. She studied at Loyola University of New Orleans where she received her Bachelor's degree in Visual Arts in 1998.

Guidry’s work has been exhibited in galleries and museums nationwide including the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey, Aljira a Center for Contemporary Art, Kniznick Gallery at Brandeis University, the PhilaMOCA, the Paul & Lulu Hilliard Art Museum, and the Acadiana Center for the Arts. Her work is present in public and private collections throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia; including the Alexandria Museum of Art, The City of Slidell, and the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art. Guidry’s paintings have been featured in publications such as American Artist, Adbusters, and American Art Collector as well as online features such as Hi-Fructose and the Huffington Post. Her work has also been featured on MTV’s The Real World, Season 20: Hollywood. She is represented in New Orleans by LeMieux Galleries.


My love for art began at a very young age, when I was about 3 years old. It was my means of communication, as well as my enjoyment. In 1988 I tested into the Talented Art Program, where I remained throughout junior high and high school. In 1994 I was the recipient of the Loyola University New Orleans Visual Art Scholarship, which is only awarded to one student per graduating class. While studying various art disciplines as part of my curriculum, I also studied Psychology through senior level courses.

My interest in Art and Psychology continues to influence my work. With Surrealism being the grand marriage of the two, I was naturally drawn to every aspect behind the movement. Themes I explore involve the human psyche- who we are and how we interact with each other, and the world we live in- our relationship with other animals and nature, our role in the life cycle and the connections between all life forms, as well as our influence and impact on all of nature. I work in series, each painting has its own message, with the overall concept conveying respect for all of nature and humanity.

To this day my art is still my means to communication and my enjoyment. I enjoy creating but even more, I hope to inspire, enlighten, amuse, brighten, and bring forth positive change. My goal is to create powerful work that provides an enriching experience. The intricate detail of each painting draws you into its space, speaking to you and creating the opportunity to have an internal dialogue with the painting and forming a personal connection. Each of my paintings is an original, one of a kind, just as the experience each viewer has is unique and resonates with them. I strive to create art that can be enjoyed in the present and passed on to future generations. Each painting has its own history starting with its creation from a sketch to a painting, and each reflects a part of my artistic career, and continues to build upon that history as it is enjoyed and inspires others.

What People Are Saying

"The portraiture segments of "New Realm" are stunningly important work."
-Jerry Cullum, Editor-at-Large, Art Papers

"One artist that impressed me was a young Amy Guidry. Her paintings were based in landscape with a strange life and death perspective. Even if you left the message and the poetry behind, the world she built was very ambitious. Few artists will even attempt to paint rock formations like the ones she chose to tackle. Paintings like this, that some people see as realism, or surrealism, I see as abstract. She is that rare artist who is capable of seeing the random order of nature and is able to grab it. Artists that can seize that natural order and complexity are very, very few."
-Thomas Evans, Artist, Austin, TX

"Forget mere high definition, the exceptionality of Guidry’s mix of photorealism and surrealism, creates a fantastic heightened definition that presents a hyperreality that forces one to address and, with hope, redress our reality."
-Guy Sangster Adams, Editor, Plectrum- The Cultural Pick, UK

"Thank you for your incredible art. Our family loves it."
-Jeremy and Ashley Jacobson, Collectors, New Orleans, LA

"Simply amazing. Exquisite in execution and slightly jarring at the same time."
-Jill Hackney, Artist, Laurel MD

"I love art and I want my children to appreciate art, too. I let each of my kids choose a piece of art for their room. Savannah, my daughter, has two pieces from Amy Guidry. She makes sure no one who enters her room touches her special art. She asks me when can she get more paintings. My teenager cannot wait to get a painting from Amy’s recent work."
-Brandy and Mitch Trahan, Collectors, New Iberia, LA

"I felt, when I walked into that room that I was back at the Hirshhorn in Washington, D.C., or at the Museum of Modern Art. Her technical rendering, of course, is superb. But it's her vision, her conceptualization, that catapults her above the rest."
-Deborah Norsworthy, Curator of the Heymann Historic Ceiling Tile Art Exhibit for the Children's Museum of Acadiana

"Amy Guidry's art work is amazing. The detail in her work is incredible. It shows depth and distinction and great composition. I truly believe she will be a renowned Artist."
-Janet Romero, Collector, Lafayette, LA

"Amy Guidry's paintings, in a word, are 'fearless.' From her earlier fanciful works to her latest more primal series, emotions ride close to the surface. They are both beautiful and visceral, and transcend their technical perfection to be truly intriguing and thought-provoking."
-Jennifer Danvers, Collector, Taylor, TX

"I particularly enjoy collecting the work of artists who are philosophers and who speak to the public through their paintings. Amy Guidry is just such an artist. Her "In Our Veins" series reflects her deep appreciation for all animals on earth, her views of transformation and the life cycle we all share. Several of her paintings depict the ill effects of man's behavior toward animals, and how destructive the attitude of dominance can be. The "New Realm" and "Beneath the Surface" series are similarly thought provoking and moving. Whatever the social issue chosen by Ms. Guidry, one can rest assured that her paintings will enlighten and cause the viewer to be ever the wiser for having seen her work."
-Lenore Feeney, Collector, Baton Rouge, LA

"Guidry's precise brushstrokes in combination with lifelike color palettes give her work a sense of photo-realism while still creatively harboring a sense of surrealism and psychologically-charged narratives."
-Raymond Klecker, Art Attacks! Online

"The result in Guidry's case is stunning work of tremendous depth, sublime imagination, tranquil visions, and an attention to detail that is second to none. It should be no surprise that Guidry's work is garnering serious attention in the art world, and rightfully so- Guidry is definitely one to watch."
-Ryan Kittleman, Collector and Editor of Noble Row, San Francisco, CA

"They are wonderful, thank you."
-Rob Sheppard, Collector, United Kingdom

"It's in these works that Guidry seems to highlight the inherent beauty of flora and fauna and the strangeness buried within humanity."
-Andy Smith, Writer,

"Amy Guidry’s paintings walk a fine line between photorealism and pop surrealism. There are many touchstones in her work — everything from Lewis Carroll’s fantasy images to Dave McKean’s graphic novel illustrations."
-Jarret Keene, Las Vegas City Life

"We are pleased to add Amy's painting to our collection of Louisiana artists, especially being a unique portrait of a zydeco musician."
-Dolores Spears, Director, Zigler Art Museum, Jennings, LA.

"Taken together, the paintings tell a unified story about a woman who journeys through a mysterious landscape that resembles something out of the Brothers Grimm, relying on her own strength to overcome its dangers and challenges."
-Ashley Flanagan, The Times of Acadiana

"With works that express growth, transformation, and insight, Amy Guidry has become an artist of distinction."
-Kathleen DesHotel, The Times Picayune

"Your work is truly powerful."
-Buddy Nestor, Artist, Delanco, NJ

"Amy's use of light and shadow, coupled with subtle bursts of color, creates a realistic texture in the context of a unique conceptual realm."
-David Fischer, Collector, Oyster Bay, NY

"Amy's pieces are a unique addition to our home. As unique pieces they are a wonderful respite from the 'ordinary'."
-Lana and Chris Mixon, Collectors, Lafayette, LA

"Thank you so much for being a part of our Small Works Show. Your painting was such a gem. Robert and I were planning on buying it if it didn't sell in the show."
-Megan and Robert Lange, Robert Lange Studios, Charleston, SC

"Amy's attention to detail and coloring bring her subjects to life. The portrait of my son is so realistic that it seems as if he is actually sitting on a sofa in front of me, ready to engage in conversation. We have received rave reviews from our friends."
-Catherine Bass, Collector, Denton, TX

"Simply gorgeous and very engaging."
-Sean Ulmer, Curator, Cedar Rapids Museum of Art, Cedar Rapids, IA

"Her skills are excellent, so are her ideas and composition. Amy is one of a kind. Her work stands out in the crowded Art scene."
-Roger Loyd, Director, Galleri Loyd, Oslo, Norway

"Guidry walks a conscious line between the cerebral and a traditional, formal approach to making an image. While visually speaking the language of free association, a kind of description of dreams rather than a capturing of dream-like images, Guidry's works tell a unique, contemporary story. What sets her apart from many neo-surrealists is that she is not imitating Dali, Ernst, or even de Chirico, but rather, speaking their language. Completing the package, Guidry's paintings are smart, methodical, and contemporary."
-David Burns Smith, The Studio Chronicle

On Fragility- "The blue monotony of sky supplies a calm backdrop for the dramas of life unfolding in the fore. In place of one's brain — one's mind — a vibrant butterfly is suspended, captured as in a photograph. And while the skeleton below it easily invokes the realization of one's own mortality, Fragility moves into the closed arena of immortality: because time itself is essentially frozen in this moment of personal epiphany. The piece, therefore, is more about life than it is about death. The butterfly's wings are fully extended, implicating an almost fearless embrace of emotive experience and emergent intellect. And to do so while recognizing the inevitability of death (a reality that may vanish in future generations) is admirable and particularly courageous."
-David Fischer, Collector, Oyster Bay, NY

"From the first time I saw your work, I found it fresh and thoughtful, compelling and provocative."
-Hector LaSala, Professor of Architecture and Design, University of Louisiana at Lafayette

"The painting is beautiful, the packaging was impressive as well. I agree with you about the smaller paintings vs prints, I would much rather an original than a print."
-Chris Cox, Collector, Nederland, TX