Integral, acrylic painting Wild West, acrylic painting Small painting installation in owner's home Untitled - Heads, acrylic painting Expatriate, acrylic painting Adaptation, acrylic painting Painting installation in owner's home

Beauty and inspiration everyday

Contemporary Surrealist fine art paintings inspired by nature by award-winning artist Amy Guidry. Featured in galleries, museums, and private collections in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Asia as well as major national publications, and MTV. Museum-quality art for your home; bringing your home to life, creating an inspiring and enriching environment through original art. The intricate detail of each painting draws you into its space, speaking to you, and forming a personal connection. Art that conveys your love of the natural world.

It's in these works that Guidry seems to highlight the inherent beauty of flora and fauna and the strangeness buried within humanity.
—Andy Smith, Writer,

The portraiture segments of "New Realm" are stunningly important work.
—Jerry Cullum, Editor-at-Large, Art Papers

Thank you for your incredible art. Our family loves it.
—Jeremy and Ashley Jacobson, Collectors, New Orleans, LA

Simply gorgeous and very engaging.
—Sean Ulmer, Curator, Cedar Rapids Museum of Art, Cedar Rapids, IA

Amy's pieces are a unique addition to our home. As unique pieces they are a wonderful respite from the 'ordinary'.
—Lana and Chris Mixon, Collectors, Lafayette, LA

Aside from the obviously amazing technical execution, I see such emotional power in your juxtaposition of opposing elements.
—Private Collector, Oslo, Norway

What sets her apart from many neo-surrealists is that she is not imitating Dali, Ernst, or even de Chirico, but rather, speaking their language. Completing the package, Guidry’s paintings are smart, methodical, and contemporary.
—David Burns Smith, Editor, The Studio Chronicle

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